Pearls of expanded polystyrene containing additives and with no additives

ISOMIX and ISOLPERLE are the result of the expanded polystyrene chipping and grinding process. They are used for the creation of lightweight concrete. The expanded polystyrene pearls have an excellent thermal and acoustical insulation power, and high steady physical and mechanical characteristics, that turn them into rotproof and waterproof materials.

ISOMIX and ISOLPERLE are low cost and can be easily used. They are cheap thermo-acoustical materials and can be used from concrete batch plants with equipment bound to traditional concrete production.

Application fields

  • Insulating lightweight bases for building, industrial and rural paving

  • Insulating screed for covering and crawl spaces

  • Lightweight screed for slope on roofs and platforms

  • Riempimento leggero per coperture nervate in lamiera grecata.

  • Hollow walls and prebuilt bearing or not bearing crawl spaces manufacturing


  • High insulation power

  • Very low water absorption

  • Easy processing by traditional building plant equipment

  • Cheap and quick laying

  • Excellent reaction to fire.