Project Description

Polystyrene or Styrofoam is the styrene polymer. It has a number of applications and it has a great brilliance so that it is aesthetically good-looking and it is often used in thermoforming.

Thanks to polystyrene, you can create a high number of items – they can be diversified by the acronym PS – in different types of industries: from the household to the manufacturing and food one. The greatest part of plastic glasses, dishes and cutlery are made of PS and they can be identified through number 6 in the recycling symbol and the acronym PS on the article that confirm its application.

Furthermore PS and EPS (expanded polystyrene) is widely used in the building industry for exterior insulation and finishing systems, as it is a thermal insulating material with an excellent value for money.

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EPS granules application:

  • Insulating panels

  • Fruit and vegetables packing

  • Disposable cutlery and glasses

  • Household appliances

  • Coat racks

  • Toys

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