Project Description

Polypropylene is an extremely versatile thermoplastic polymer that can be used in many different ways. It is high resistant and it has a great elongation to failure, so that it can experience a large amount of strain before its structural failure. Furthermore, it has a low density and it has a good scarping thermal resistance.

Polypropylene has been extremely successful in the plastics industry in order to make everyday objects, from doormats, carpets to colanders. It is an excellent material to build furniture accessories.

Minced PP plastics applications:

  • car dashboard

  • furniture accessories

  • pipelines for water and pressurized and not pressurized gas

  • corks

  • labels for plastic bottles

  • doormats

  • carpets

  • colanders

  • nets against hail

  • CD-ROM cases

  • coffee pods

  • plastic coffee glasses

  • remote-control planes

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