Project Description

PVC is one of the most widespread plastic materials used worldwide for thousands of applications: from building, food and pharmaceutical packaging, surgical devices, civil protection, paper converting, to design and fashion.
Rigid PVC is used in the building sector in order to make tiles, wainscoting, handrails, roller shutters, eaves, drainage pipes, corrugated sheets and windows.

PVC can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers. In this form it is used for sofa upholstery, seats, walls, paving and curtains.

PVC Applications:

  • pipelines production

  • boxes and films

  • credit cards

  • toys and discs

  • windows, doors, walls, panels, gutters

  • venetian blinds and shower curtains

  • car gaskets

  • sanitary equipment

  • cables and wires insulation

  • outdoor furniture

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